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Honey in jar with honey dipper on black
The Buzz: Welcome
Swarm of Bees

The Buzz

Hive to Home.

Small Batch Honey from Hive to Home.  From the fields and woods of Central New York, specifically Baldwinsville and Phoenix.  Raw and Local.  Without harsh chemicals.  Taste and See......


Swarm of Bees
The Buzz: Our Story

The Team

Worker Bees.



Head Apiculturist

It all started when Bob's oldest son asked him one day if he wanted to get into beekeeping with him, they went to a couple meetings and from there, he found his niche. It took off. Bob is a nature-loving and adventure-seeking enthusiast. He has struggled with allergies for many years and was intrigued to find out that local raw honey could help him.

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Chief Swarm Catcher

Whether it is hearing a swarm or finding a swarm, Don has a sixth sense when it comes to the bees when they leave their hive and go on the move as a colony.  He has seen more swarms, heard more swarms and caught more swarms.  Inquisitive and retired, he enjoys his hobby.




Behind the scenes, she is entrusted to utilize her tech savvy skills in making HoBe known to the virtual world.

If you have any questions about our team, please contact us today.

The Buzz: Team
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